Operational Resilience

Operational Resilience is a set of techniques that allow people, processes and information systems to adapt to changing patterns.

You understand that Operational Resilience is the next significant regulatory pillar and you understand that there is a clear need for a considered, end-to-end and robust approach; because regulators have called for a “step change” in how firms have previously approached Operational Resilience. 

You appreciate that winning firms have conducted a root-and-branch overhaul of how their businesses can and will respond in times of stress and you have set-up a programme and made good progress: in fact our Operational Resilience Research Paper confirms that 84% of respondents have already identified critical business services.

You now need to consider how best to deliver a new focus on services and functions, rather than processes, and how to determine impact tolerances and responses. ​TORI can help you define an outcome-based approach to operational resilience, encompassing key areas such as: internal controls, technology risk, cyber, outsourcing and business continuity.

Wherever you are in the journey, have you identified the key challenges and barriers to success? Will you achieve your intended outcomes?  Will you meet regulatory expectations?

How TORI Can Help

Operational Resilience – is the next significant regulatory pillar. Ultimately, Operational Resilience is a Board responsibility which needs to be driven top-down. These regulatory commitments dove-tail with other commitments including SMCR, SMF24, PSD2 and EBA. ​We can help you with: 

  • Maturity Assessment
  • Developing an Operational Resilience Strategy​​
  • High-level Roadmap​
  • Developing a Target Operating Model​
  • Third-Party Risk Management and Outsourcing​

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We have developed a maturity diagnostic and Operational Resilience framework that covers the components that all programmes need to consider to meet the regulatory requirements. The toolkit combined with our expertise will provide clients with a clear view of gaps, weaknesses and priorities.  Moreover, it provides a vital anchor point for future actions.

Working alongside key stakeholders, we use our maturity approach, technology and tools to provide insights on;

  • The desired outcomes
  • The design of Operational Resilience programmes that have not yet started
  • The opportunities to enhance Operational Resilience programmes that are up and running 

So wherever you are on your Operational Resilience journey, let’s talk to see how we can get you to your destination faster.

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