Financial Crime

Financial Crime (FinCrime) is a multi-faceted, and ever-changing threat that is advancing in its level of sophistication across sectors and regions.

The prevalence of financially motivated crime poses a real and present danger to organisations that make up the entire financial ecosystem, which can impact the firm’s resilience and integrity. Operating model failure can result in catastrophic knock-on effects including; reputational damage, significant fines, and loss of shareholder value.

Legacy operating models, relying heavily on manual processing, operating in silos and disconnected from the corporate risk agenda provides the perfect environment for criminals to take full advantage of these vulnerabilities. Don’t let this happen on your watch!

Your Challenges

To prevent criminals taking advantage of potential vulnerabilities and system weaknesses, Senior Management need to consider the following as the top priorities on their agenda:

  • Moving from Silos to develop connected business processes
  • Adopting a real risk-based approach considering risk profiling and risk appetite
  • Increasing operational efficiency whilst reducing time to-onboard & responding to and managing alerts faster
  • Embedding a FinCrime Tooling ecosystem that’s fit for purpose and aligned with the business
  • Safeguarding business reputation and integrity
  • Attracting and retaining qualified resources to run the function
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements and standards

These challenges are not easy to implement, however, having the right level of support and expertise will allow your organisation to reduce the time it takes to achieve a greater level of maturity for this function.

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How TORI Can Help

At TORI Global we have developed a global Risk Management Framework for the purpose of supporting organisations in forming a comprehensive understanding of risk and managing risks in a holistic and interconnected way that is fit for the future.

Consulting Services: Ensuring that your strategy focusses on the right areas and that the right business and operating models are aligned to the risk strategy, is critical to success. However, disruptive, and innovative market trends are making this harder for organisation to deal with emerging and sophisticated risk.

  • Review “AS IS” model and support on the “TO BE” definition (TOM)
  • Review corporate policies and procedures encompassing best practices and regulatory guidelines related to Risk Management and FinCrime activities
  • Review and improve Money Laundering & Financing terrorism assessment framework (KRIs)

Digital Capabilities: Any change is hard but digital transformation comes with its own set of pitfalls and challenges. There are many ways to execute digital transformation and there is no one-size-fits-all approach; we will find the one that works best for you considering your risk framework and resources.

  • Leading the FinCrime and Business software selection process
  • Performing E2E FinCrime IT ecosystem assessments
  • Tool calibration and scenarios fine tuning
  • Third-Party Risk Management implementation tools and framework
  • Supporting customer developments or solutions as ID verification, integration and RPA

Specialised Team: Every business faces issues of cost, efficiency and value for money. Re-engineering or redistributing (i.e. outsourcing) business processes to help deal with these issues can provide greater return on investment and greater stability.

  • Team augmentation for critical roles: SMEs, business analysts and operational team (including IT)
  • Support compliance and control functions to perform activities:
    • KYC / DD / EDD
    • Transaction monitoring
    • Alerts review
    • Remediation process
    • Screening

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