Operational Resilience Maturity Assessment​ Exchange 

Client Challenge

The Bank of England, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the FCA have introduced mandatory Operational Resilience requirements to improve the resilience of the UK financial sector.​

The client asked TORI to conduct an independent assessment of their Operational Resilience framework, in order to identify potential vulnerabilities and gaps against the regulatory requirements and industry best practices. ​

What We Did

TORI helped the client to understand their current level of readiness by performing an independent assessment. 

This involved:​

  • Developing and conducting  1:1 sessions with the C-suite to gather their insights on the organisation’s state of readiness on the definition of important business services, risk management practices, supplier management, IT systems and corporate culture
  • Reviewing and analysing the Client’s existing Framework, standards and other internal documents related to managing operational resilience
  • Defining a desirable state, aligned with the organisation’s risk appetitive, risk tolerance and business strategy

Outcome & Results

TORI provided a report, which included:

  • List of gaps and vulnerabilities identified during the assessment in comparison against best industry practices and regulatory standards
  • Suggested roadmap to close potential gaps, linked to local and international standards
  • Workshop sessions with relevant stakeholders to present results and coordinate remediation actions plan

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