Reducing complexity, driving standardization and automation

TORI’s client, a Tier 1 global investment bank, wanted to identify a strategic partner to assist in the delivery of a standardized and highly virtualized technology platform and the operation of its core IT infrastructure services. Find out how TORI tackled the problem.

Fintech is now a Real Challenge for Regulated Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions are the most digital businesses in the world. Most of the transaction are purely digital and most of the products are stored and delivered to clients purely in digital format..

The Four Roles of the CEO

Most people are thrust into a position of leadership from a high competence in a managerial or functional role. At that stage there is limited support as to how the role has changed and often it has still some managerial and functional components that new leaders often keep hanging on to.

Managing IT Operations in a State of Constant Flux

Today environmental and business changes, as well as new and emerging technology, evolves faster than a typical, traditional migration programme. The consequence of this is that both migration and operations has to be done simultaneously and CIO/CTOs have to evolve their management to manage operations in a state of constant flux.


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Martin Harvey


Martin is a founding partner and CEO of TORI.  A true authority and key influencer in the industry, he has 25+ years experience within IT and wholesale investment banking.

Paul Lowrie

Co-Head of Control

Paul is an accomplished senior consultant in the financial sector with 20+ years of experience spanning investment banking, private banking and wealth management.

Dave Axford


Dave is Chief Operating Officer at TORI. He is an Executive level Change & IT Director with over 30 years of experience working extensively in both the Life and General Insurance sectors within the UK and overseas.

Danny O'Connor

Head of Run

Danny is a Senior Consultant at TORI bringing a 30 year global IT career within the financial sector, holding a number of senior Infrastructure roles at Managing Director level.

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