Creating A Security Culture Global Insurer

Client Challenge

​​The teams responsible for security were fragmented and working at cross purposes. The wider business wanted an aligned group function that listened to and provided the security solutions required by the business and define and embed a set of security-focused behaviours across the wider business and make them core to the culture.

What We Did

  • Working with TORI teams designing the business’ security strategy and resulting functional structure, we researched the degree of alignment between various security teams through structured interviews​
  • Created a strategy and supporting story which included clarity of vision and associated objectives. Designed supporting balanced scorecard to prioritise resources and monitor progress​
  • Defined set of behaviours in support of strategic objectives, initially rolled out to security function and subsequently across the wider business​
  • Ensured behaviours embedded into existing business process and incorporated into business communication plans

Outcome & Results

  • Created an integrated security function with strong alignment to unified objectives through delivery of a simple and compelling strategic story​
  • Effective communication of supporting security-led behaviours and subsequent embedding via leader-led training, people process and measurement across security function and entire business​
  • Delivery of strategy ‘in the flesh’ rather than on paper