TORI runners take on the London Marathon 2017

Two brave TORI employees took on the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April 2017, along with 40,000 other runners. Graduate Consultant, Wiktoria Bartusik, and Digital Consultant, Dominic Yacoubian, successfully completed the gruelling 26.2 miles running through the streets of London passing attractions like Tower Bridge, the Cutty Sark and Buckingham Palace.

We asked Wiktoria and Dominic about their experience on the day:

Wiktoria: I was feeling a little nervous before the race as this time I was fundraising for charity and so I wasn't just doing it for myself. There were some expectations and a lot of people would be tracking how slowly their donation was making it to the finish line too! Even though my knees gave in and I was in a lot of pain, I kept going thanks to the amazing crowds along the route. It was the loudest and most vibrant marathon I have done to date, and there was nothing that could quite compare to running through the middle of Tower Bridge on a sunny day, looking back and seeing hundreds of people racing towards you, with the crowds on both sides cheering your name and telling you to keep going. (As that was only the halfway point!) Overall, fantastic experience, great crowds, and a special thank you to everyone handing out jelly babies along the way... I couldn't have done it without you. My time was 5h 7m. 

Dominic: Whilst very painful towards the end and the following day, it was an amazing experience I would not have missed. My time was 4h 52m, would have liked 4h 30m but it is a killer and I slowed down quite a lot after 20 miles! At least I can say I didn't stop or walk which I am proud of. In terms of the day itself, I know everyone talks about how supportive the crowd is but you cannot truly describe the overwhelming support, it's amazing, everyone cheering and shouting your name, handing out sweets, pumping music, it's truly awesome and very overwhelming. I heard there were 800,000 people in the crowd which is amazing! And I had my kids at mile 24 which was a good thing as I had to push on to get to them and once at 24 you're gonna get across the line right?

We couldn't be prouder of our runners and the achievement of completing the London Marathon for a charity very close to our hearts, CLIC Sargent. They have raised over £2,500 together so far which will go straight towards helping children and young people with cancer. If you would like to show your support, their fundraising pages can be found below.

Wiktoria's Just Giving page

Dominic's Virgin Money Giving page