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Client Challenge

The client faced various service management inefficiencies, including an underperforming Service Desk operated by an external vendor, which posed risks to service continuity and compliance. Additionally, the lack of a clear transition plan left them exposed to managing change, impacting accountability and vendor performance. They also encountered challenges such as unutilised tools like ServiceNow, lack of governance and process maturity, operational service capabilities, inadequate third-party management, and inflexible resource allocation.

This posed risks to service continuity and compliance. Their inability to manage change impacted their ability to manage third-parties, contributing to accountability issues and unsatisfactory performance.

What We Did

TORI provided comprehensive support, starting with an in-depth analysis of the current IT service delivery, identifying opportunities for outsourcing and optimisation. The engagement included developing a detailed roadmap for the transition, establishing success metrics, creating a framework for seamless migration, leveraging ITIL and SIAM methodologies, and managing third-party relationships. TORI undertook the following:

  • Planning for a future-proof service management framework
  • Assessment of the current service model and capabilities
  • Defining transition requirements, KPIs, and a communication plan
  • Identifying risks and developing mitigation strategies
  • Ensuring that all recommendations were actionable and aligned with the client’s objectives

Outcome & Results

The engagement resulted in a new service management model tailored to the client’s specific needs. Key deliverables included a detailed service model, an IT service management approach, and a transition plan with a high-level business case.

Key outcomes:

  • Integrated ITIL, SIAM, and ITSM frameworks to deliver an cohesive and effective IT Operations model
  • Revamped third-party management guided by TECAM (process mapping), enhancing vendor performance
  • Implementation of an advanced service model
  • Completed assessment and maturity evaluation for ongoing optimisation
  • Refined organisational capabilities identifying areas for improvement
  • Established a robust foundation for growth and regulatory compliance

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