TORI growth hits the headlines

TORI have been recognised as among the fastest growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK by the LSE. The London Stock Exchang Group has published its 5th annual report into the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain, covering the fastest-growing SMEs and high-growth businesses in the UK, across a range of sectors and regions. The LSE have described SMEs as being at the heart of a strong economy, noting their dynamism and agility, and th drive they give to larger firms to innovate. 

More than 60 of the 1,000 companies listed, were professional services firms, and among those firms are three consultancies, marked out as being some of the fastest growing SMEs in the country. As Consultancy UK report, TORI was named as one of those three. They attribute some of this success to a recent study concluding that "SME consulting firms are set for a bright future vis a vis the large players in the market, such as the Big Four, as cost-weary clients are increasingly eyeing specialisation and focus for best value". Read more on that report here:

TORI CEO, Martin Harvey, said: "TORI has strong plans for the future to continue this growth, and are passionate about providing a credible alternative to the Big Four, so we are delighted to be recognised by the prestigious London Stock Exchange Group."