Data Centre Migration - What You Need To Know

Thinking about data centre migration? TORI shares the knowledge and expertise in fast and efficient data centre migration after years of practical experience. Everything you need to know, a step-by-step guide.

ITIL - Myths and Truths

TORI has been a leading practitioner of the ITIL framework to improve IT Service Management within financial services organisations for many years. Find out some of the Myths and the Truths about ITIL.

6 Cost Reduction Practices Your Business Can't Afford to Forget

2015 is the year of agility as businesses try to be meaner and leaner in their quest to reduce costs. Find out 6 simple ways of reducing costs that your business can't afford to forget.

Engineering change in major financial companies

Financial services have become an economic power in their own right. As the process of handling money has given way to complex engineering, so the challenges faced by organisations have increased. TORI has worked with many of the world's leading financial brands to identify, facilitate and manage change.

7 Compelling Reasons Why Banks Need Technology

Twitter is loaded with hashtags similar to #BankingTechnology, #FinancialTechnology and  #FinTech amongst others, indicating a surge in the use and the awareness of new  technology by banks and financial services organisations.

Change your enterprise

A business that stands still is likely to fail. Change is ongoing and raises issues at all levels of an organisation. Our CHANGE solutions provide a robust and practical framework within which your business can adapt and evolve.

Run your enterprise

TORI works with you to improve your business practices, reducing or eliminating inefficient activities. Our RUN solutions are aimed squarely at improving quality, productivity, timeliness and reducing costs.

Control your enterprise

Staying in control of a complex global business requires flexibility, diligence and the right skills. Our CONTROL solutions provide just the capabilities you need to maintain a steady and profitable course.


Global clients
We serve multi-national companies around the world.
Our large network of specialist expertise gives us optimum reach and flexibility.

Martin Harvey


Martin is a Founding Partner and CEO of TORI.  A true authority and key influencer in the industry, he has 25+ years experience within IT and Wholesale Investment Banking.

Danny O'Connor

Head of Run

Danny is a Senior Consultant at TORI bringing a 30 year global IT career within the financial sector, holding a number of senior Infrastructure roles at Managing Director level.

TWITTER @toriglobal

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