Wellbeing, Performance and Productivity

Following the first lockdown in March everyone I spoke to was extremely upbeat not only about the flexibility afforded by working from home but also the fact that performance and productivity was hitting all-time highs. The picture now being painted as we head towards Christmas and year-end is quite different.  People are reporting burn-out and ‘Zoom fatigue’ from the intensity of home-working where 12 hour days with little downtime or social interaction has become the norm.

People are beginning to miss the commute as an opportunity to switch off!  Productivity is now falling, and in many instances, the only reason such measures haven’t fallen further is due to the heroics of the few.  There is also a real concern for new-joiners whose only interaction with colleagues has been via a laptop – challenging the ability to embed values, culture and behaviours.

Wellbeing, motivation and resilience are undeniable factors in engagement, performance, productivity and happiness. TORI can offer a range of simple and powerful tools, including wearable technology, to help individuals and teams understand personal productivity, mindset, rest and recovery habits (from both a psychological and physical perspective). 

These solutions collate hard data on work and home-life habits and patterns that help or hinder individuals in their health and performance. These tools come together to create a powerful personal ‘wakeup call’ that cannot be overlooked, and a catalyst for immediate improvements. By simply asking your people to interact with the tools, you are likely to see positive actions even before the diagnostic process is complete.  These tools can also be re-run to provide tangible data on change and continuous improvement as a result of this programme of work.

We’ve all talked about work / life balance, inclusion and the importance of mental wellbeing for some time but progress remains slow and patchy at best. The pandemic will continue to accelerate changes that were already underway in terms of remote working but through adoption of complementary technologies in conjunction with re-purposed, collaborative work places, we have the opportunity to put wellbeing front and centre of our strategic thinking. This is not only right for our people but is proven to be right for our businesses.

Should you require more information on the tools and technologies TORI can design and implement to measure and improve wellbeing, performance and productivity.