New Ways of Working

Well here we are in the middle of our second lockdown, very different from the first lockdown.  Waking up in the dark and finishing work in the dark.  For some there are also the added stresses of home schooling and the news of new strains of the virus. Waiting to hear when we will all get our vaccine, wondering whether it will work, when will this all end, what will normal be… ??

At TORI we are listening to our clients,  over a 100 per month and the key concerns once lock down is lifted appear to be:

  • Reconfiguring the workspace for collaborative working
  • What will the new Operating Model look like (rotation of staff, do staff need to attend the office etc.)
  • Staff Morale and Motivation
  • Productivity
  • People and operational resilience
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • How  do we lead and manage in this new way of working?
  • How do we maintain the company culture and DNA?
  • How do we integrate the new joiners?
  • How do the junior less experienced staff learn and grow from the experienced staff?
  • Are people making full use of all of the functionality of the collaborative tools? 
  • Health and Safety
  • Do staff have the right and appropriate environment and equipment to work safely at home? 

The above list of issues, are real and can be addressed by your executive team; ensuring that Ways of Working is moved up agenda and clearly defining the firm’s strategy and roadmap on the topic.

The risk of not doing this, will result in a reduction in staff productivity, as the business risk increases as a consequence, once COVID-19 is behind us. 

TORI have the assessment tools and experience to assist you in defining and implementing you post COVID-19 people strategy, incorporating new ways of working as the ‘new norm’ proliferates across all aspects of our working lives.

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