Strategy & Innovation

Ensuring that the digital strategy focuses on the right business areas and that the operating models are aligned to the strategy, is critical for success. However, new market entrants are making this much harder for incumbents to adapt due to their complexity, scale and legacy infrastructure.

How TORI Can Help

Digital Checkpoint

  • Rapid baselining of client organisations’ posture across a range of criteria by conducting a digital maturity assessment to provide insights and targeted recommendations on where to focus management effort for maximum return

Digital Strategy & Roadmaps

  • Assessment of a client’s current technology and data landscape and articulation of a current state assessment; to be used to develop a technology roadmap, detailing areas where alternative solutions could be employed, aiding efficiency, reducing cost and future-proofing the business model

Innovation Research & Advisory

  • To keep financial services firms at the leading edge rather than the bleeding edge of digital technology, TORI is continually researching new developments that can assist organisations to future-proof their products and services to positively impact customers and the bottom line

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