IT Service Capability Assessments

Most IT Services managers generally believe they are doing a “good job”. That is until a long-term customer suddenly not wanting to do business with them any more and plans are underway to move to a new provider. At this point, it is perhaps too late to ask the customer whether there are any issues that need addressing or what requires improvement.

IT Service Capability Assessments
IT Service Capability Assessments


  1. Introduction
  2. Service Management Survey
  3. Benefits of Surveys
  4. Features to Include in a Survey
  5. Scope & Objective
  6. Frameworks
  7. Ask the Right Questions
  8. Make it Look Professional
  9. Data Confidentiality
  10. Engagement / Initiation / Delivery / Monitoring / Reporting
  11. Complexity - Subsidiary Info / Duration / Feedback
  12. Survey Focus Areas
  13. Survey Output
  14. Summary