Jonathan Dinham

Jonathan Dinham

Practice Lead: Digital & Data Transformation


  • Banking
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Digital & Data Transformation

Cost Optimisation

Vendor & Software Estate Review

Third-Party Management

Jonathan has worked within financial services for 12 years within large scale transformation programmes and has been the TORI Global Regional Manager for Asia Pacific for the last two years.

Jonathan has experience in designing and delivering Application and Infrastructure Migrations to address Tech Debt, Software Currency and Data Centre moves, designing industrialised migration processes, achieving business driven IT change.

Prior to joining TORI, Jonathan ran Application Remediation delivery for Wealth and Insurance companies.

Jonathan Dinham specialises in

Digital & Data Transformation

The pace of change in the digital space is accelerating at ever faster rates. Incumbents are finding it demanding to keep up and to innovate with increasing competition emerging from FinTech entrants.

Data Analytics, Visualisation and AI

Analytics is the practice of examining large (and varied) datasets to unlock hidden knowledge and patterns in customer behaviour, market trends, operations, and risks, which can power decisions for growth and improvement.

Cost Optimisation

Cost Optimisation facilitates the identification, classification, reporting and ultimately the optimisation of technology and business costs; allowing enterprises to achieve and maintain cost competitiveness.

Third-Party Risk Management

In an interconnected world, understanding the value chain and its key participants is essential to ensure Operational Resilience and will help to mitigate the impact to your organisation and customers from new and emerging threats.