Software Asset Management Strategic Review UK Investment & Insurance Firm

Client Challenge

Our client a leading UK Investment & retail Financial Services firm faced numerous challenges around vendor governance, policies and process alongside a wider remit to reduce overall spending on IT by 20-30%.

Over time our client had reduced operational management and resourcing of the software estate. Outsourcing strategies had led to a dilution of accountability for software asset management within the firm and across the key supplier base.​

TORI was engaged to undertake a strategic high level review of the software asset management estate and supporting processes. ​

What We Did

  • TORI was engaged to undertake a strategic high-level review of the software asset management estate and supporting processes​
  • TORI applied the 80/20 rule to the review and conducted reviews of 6 strategically critical software vendors​
  • Obligations, entitlement, licensing and deployment knowledge was accumulated from multiple sources​
  • Capabilities inherent in the processes performed by the various functions were captured and assessed ​

Outcome & Results

  • The strategic review was completed within budget and within the forecast time schedule
  • Software compliance risks and the potential financial exposures were prioritised for attention
  • Potential savings were identified
  • A roadmap including a series of justified quick wins and longer-term deliverables (within 1-2 years) was produced
  • The client’s awareness of risks and pitfalls of the current situation increased significantly as a result of the audit

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