IT Target Operating Model (TOM) FTSE 100 Insurance Company

Client Challenge

TORI was engaged to implement a new group IT Target Operating Model for a leading FTSE-100 insurance company. The client had begun introducing a decentralised model a year earlier, transferring the accountability for IT Change to several autonomous Business Units.

The client now wished to explore the options for either decentralising Shared Service IT Operations (SSIT), e.g. networks, data centres, service management etc or retaining the existing centralised model. TORI was engaged to identify potential organisational solutions, assess the strategic benefits and advise on how the transformation would be implemented.

 What We Did

  • With a wide range of differing business requirements and legacy technologies, TORI interviewed a significant number of key business and IT senior stakeholders. The interviews captured:
    • ​Stakeholder views on the current operating model
    • ​Strategic requirements for the future operating model
    • Views on incumbent Tier 1 and 2 suppliers
  • TORI then confirmed the TOM design principles, followed by functional and organisational designs and benefits analysis.

Outcome & Results

TORI delivered three key outputs:

  • A current state review, including key observations from the senior management interviews
  • A cross-industry review of IT Service Management best practice
  • Three future state operating model options, pros and cons of each, a TORI recommended option and recommended next steps roadmap

​On completion of the engagement, the Board reviewed the TORI report and decided to progress with the TORI-recommended organisational design model.