IT Strategy Review Building Society

Client Challenge

The Society established an ambitious plan to transform its view on data management and the technology stack that supports its operations. Senior stakeholders were concerned how the organisation would achieve those plans in the short to medium term. Our client requested TORI to perform an assessment of the IT Strategy Review to identify any potential risk or threats.

What We Did

As part of the review, TORI undertook the following:

  • General strategy review (per business line) and identify the technology that supports those business-critical functions
  • Future IT Transformation/modernisation of the current state IT Architecture and current state app ecosystem
  • Fully evaluate and report on the IT Strategy defined by the Society 

Outcome & Results

The project team provided the client with a detailed report which included:

  • A Data Centric approach: addressing the challenges adopting this strategy and providing a roadmap for success
  • IT Rationalisation & Decommissioning: An action plan to update the IT Architecture and app ecosystem as well as indicating the business challenges (e.g., Data Migration, Legacy and siloed data, etc.)
  • Resourcing & Technical expertise: Indicating the human resources, expertise and commercials required to implement the strategy

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