IT Strategy Baseline Global Insurance Group

Client Challenge

A newly appointed Global CIO wanted to conduct a strategic review of the global technology estate across the four main operating locations in APAC, USA and the UK.​

  • Review the current technology landscape, against known current business objectives to include: ​
  • Applications architecture, infrastructure and people​
  • Current resource capability ​
  • Evaluating and reviewing the delivery model to identify capability gaps against required baseline​
  • Reviewing key service and delivery partners and various scenarios against in-house, managed and outsourced services​
  • Baseline the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for agreed business lines including all direct and allocated IT costs, including FTEs​
  • Agree baseline position, findings and observations with key IT stakeholders​
  • Other key considerations of note to include a focus on lean and agile, enhanced business case and value management capability

What We Did

  • Reviewed the architecture, infrastructure and service management across 4 regions​
  • Capability assessment: using the ITIL framework analysed and assessed the client’s technology and current state processes and confirmed that the data points were sufficient to complete a more detailed audit​
  • Determined the costs and budgets for IT deployment across 4 business lines and clearly established requirements for financial benchmarking analysis​
  • Collated and reviewed all IT strategy roadmaps across the 4 business lines to identify any immediate issues

Outcome & Results

Created a thorough and detailed report which included, inter alia:  ​

Key observations from the review regarding:​

  • Strategic Ambition​
  • Change Agility Drivers​
  • IT Cost and People​
  • Recommended next steps, including immediate quick wins​

Identified areas of focus to ensure remediation action was taken as necessary, such as:​

  • Simplification​
  • Ageing Technology​
  • Consistency​
  • Inter-group Collaboration​
  • In addition, TORI identified areas for IT cost optimisation which could be diverted to improve the overall strategy and operations

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