Enterprise Data Storage Management for a Global Bank

Client Challenge

  • Our client was focused on a cost reduction strategy across its technology estate
  • Following on from our initial assessment, Storage was identified as a target area, selected due to its ever-increasing cost profile
  • While unit costs for Storage are continually decreasing, regulatory and legal requirements are driving volumes exponentially, while business demand continues to grow
  • Management Information around the consumption and usage of data was difficult and labour-intensive to compile and failed to provide the required insight
  • Capacity and Demand Management processes were immature

What We Did

  • Built a baseline of current storage capacity by Data Centre and technology
  • Assessed the Capacity and Demand Management processes against TORI’s maturity assessment model
  • Built a cost model to forecast the cost impacts of the various options available to address the core issues
  • Reviewed in-flight projects impacting the Storage estate
  • Reviewed available data and identified gaps
  • Built capacity models for each Data Centre, identifying capacity constraints
  • Reviewed current technology and vendor mix

Outcome & Results

  • Production of a comprehensive capacity report detailing:
    • Data Centre level points of capacity exhaustion
    • A review of in-flight re-fresh programmes and identification of issues therein
    • Assessment of dedicated storage impacts
    • Identification of unaddressed technical debt
  • Provided recommendations and templates for building required Management Information
  • Developed governance model and process definitions for deploying effective capacity and demand management
  • Identified key levers for impacting cost base over the next 3-5 years, including significant (£10m+) cost avoidance of new hardware investment

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