Digital Transformation Programme Review Building Society

Client Challenge

The Society was undertaking an ambitious digital transformation programme that formed a core component of its long-term business strategy to attract new members. This included both new products and a new digital interface.

Digital transformation initiatives often encounter delays and cost overruns owing to unseen complexity that emerges as the project unfolds. These are difficult projects to deliver: the proposition will evolve and the technology is complex, including linking customer channels with backend systems and integrating internal systems with 3rd party platforms.

The Society wanted an independent analysis of the current state of the programme, including challenges, gaps, and actions to address. This was triggered by recurring missed deliverables and milestones with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

What We Did

TORI followed its proven assessment process:

  • Reviewing relevant artefacts, 1-2-1 sessions with key stakeholders, McQuaig evaluations of key staff (including follow up), attendance at internal meetings
  • Reviewing technical components of the MVP to identify blockers and challenges
  • Focusing on key points and questions: Leadership & Vision, Skills & Expertise, Communication, Organisation & Culture, Delivery Practices, Governance & Control
  • Defining, discussing, and agreeing a Target PMO Model including:
    • Roadmap Definition
    • Project Delivery
    • Benefits Tracking & Realisation

Outcome & Results

The deliverable gave the Society the information it needed to understand, quantify, and address the risks to the project:

  • Gaps in metrics making it hard to see whether the project would deliver the agreed scope within the agreed budget and timescales
  • Suggested call to action and remediation map covering
  • The Operating Model (Change & Transformation function)
  • 3rd Party and Vendor Management (inc quick wins reducing cost & increasing accountability)
  • Delivery Methods and Tooling
  • Mindset and Culture

The Society made the recommended changes and the project was delivered successfully.

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