Customer Experience Model (CXM) Middle East Contact Centre

Client Challenge

A government organisation wanted to improve the consistency and objectivity of its customer care measurements. Principally, it sought a comprehensive framework for assessing the quality of customer care delivered by its Contact Centre. 

What We Did

Our practitioners designed and implemented the Customer Experience Model (CXM), through four key stages:

  • Define the organisation structure
  • Develop processes and procedures
  • Define performance metrics
  • Develop governance framework
  • The CXM introduced a systems approach to all Contact Centre functions, driving organisational alignment to achieve the Government’s customer care goals
  • For each function, processes were defined to cover the activities they executed
  • Metrics were defined that allowed granular evaluation of process performance

Outcome & Results

  • The CXM enabled the Government to derive a single measure of Customer Experience
  • Key features of the CXM:
    • Omni-channel solution for evaluating all customer interactions
    • Applied Gaming Theory to introduce team competition
    • Quantified ‘customer experience’ into a single metric
  • Management could monitor, evaluate and report on how the six core functions were performing
  • A Balanced Scorecard provided the basis for service reporting and continual improvement
  • Core KPIs facilitated targeted management focus
  • Comprehensive governance ensured clear accountability, cross-function visibility and focus on problem areas