Application Migration for Leading International Bank

Client Challenge

The client a European multinational Investment Bank and Financial Services Company, started a large global IT transformation programme early in 2016 with the goal of transforming 4,000 Applications and 104K servers/databases by 2023 onto cloud platforms.

The client set out to achieve two primary objectives:

  • Reduce infrastructure and digital application opex costs by $1.5bn migrating to more cost-effective platforms
  • Simplify the digital business by moving towards a reduced set of technology options

What We Did

  • TORI developed a team of over 70 global resources to work closely with the client’s teams and vendor
  • Transitioned to a managed service delivery model
  • Advised on cloud strategy and target environments throughout the project
  • Identified candidate applications for decommissioning and migration based on client requirements
  • TORI rapidly provided resources and used the client’s processes and tools
  • Industrialised client and vendor processes to support bulk migrations for both application and infrastructure
  • Worked with client and vendor on business engagement and release management challenges

Outcome & Results

  • Application Migrations and key Data Center exit delivered on time avoiding $150M legal and landlord costs for extensions
  • Confidence in delivery with defined reporting, progress updates and lower tolerances in planned dates
  • Improved throughput resulting in lower overall costs per migration, summarised saving of approximately $45-50M a year
  • Enable delivery to focus on other key areas
  • Service dovetails into existing bank processes and services, delivering change with controlled delivery into production environments

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