Culture Transformation – Will Post COVID-19 Be The New Normal?

In a time from now we may look back and say the year of 2020 was the true beginning of the virtual communication age. The disruption that COVID-19 is having within the workplace, is unprecedented and businesses need to adapt to operate efficiently…if not survive.

As a result, company culture, leadership and employee workplace/ experience are being put to the test as, for most, business working habits and processes have changed overnight. Large proportions of the workforce now work from home, in varying situations, surroundings and levels of comfort. Team collaboration, morale and the ability for senior leadership teams to pivot and adapt has never been so crucial. Transforming the culture, however, can be a daunting task and the danger, often after a crisis has peaked, is to reform around the ‘old’, familiar operating model.

The crux of the question, which I’d be curious to know is: is your current organisation empathetic, compassionate, accommodating, flexible, and does it provide you with the capability and managerial thought leadership and direction to allow you to execute the role expected in a positive and supportive virtual environment?

This is a true and thorough test of your organisation’s ‘culture’. Organisations need to be planning and adapting for the future, to limit the effect of the disruption and be a front runner in this forced change cycle, in order to service both internal and external customers, whilst maintaining reputation and relationships. Because, in reality, the transformation to the new COVID-19 working landscape, is a transformation and not just a phase.

This transformation, is what we at TORI call ‘From vision to reality: reinventing your organisation’ and an example of our work is explained in this case study. When facing the big challenges, whether it’s globalisation, tech disruption, regulatory change, shifting customer / employee expectations, mergers / acquisitions or COVID-19, we will support you to develop a clear vision for the future.

We’ll help you to define core purpose and values that are compelling, authentic and meaningful. We’ll work with you to set strategic goals that stretch and motivate and paint a vivid picture of your future organisation that engages and inspires. Then we’ll help you to make it happen, by translating your vision into a strategy and roadmap for change, while all the time ensuring you take your people are both aligned and engaged with you on the journey.

If any of the above rings true in your organisation, be that keeping the lights on or scaling up to cope with increased demand, we’d love to hear from you. We have experts across many industries in the UK and US who can help.