SIAM Strategy Review & ITIL Maturity Assessment Insurance Company​

Client Challenge

The Client, located in London is heavily reliant on their parent group and an external Service Provider for a significant number of operational and strategic services with little or no cost transparency or operational value add. 

The Service Management capability required significant improvements to align to the IT strategy which was to move from a 70:30 in house application support and maintenance model to a 20:80 outsourced model.

What We Did

TORI was requested to review and provide a maturity assessment of their Service Management , Vendor and Supplier Management processes by performing the following:-

  • Understand ‘As Is’ supplier management
  • Collate and map vendor risk profiles against expenditure
  • Assess the effectiveness and fit-for-purpose of the existing organisation
  • Understand and document the business impact of the current structure
  • Map how SIAM could be applied to the client operations
  • ITIL Maturity Assessment
  • Map existing in-scope supplier service obligations and associated SLAs
  • High-level assessment of ‘As is’ Supplier Management organisational structure and RACI
  • High level recommendations of how Service Integration and Management (SIAM) could be applied to the client
  • High level identification of OPEX improvement opportunities
  • Identification of quick-win opportunities

Outcome & Results

  • Socialise and validate findings and recommendations with key stakeholders
  • Make modifications based upon feedback 
  • Perform internal TORI Global QA and present findings to core team
  • Final report, including recommendations, and any phase 1 “fast track” plan to achieve a successful implementation
  • Knowledge transfer to nominated managers
  • Planning and recommendations for next steps

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