Decommissioning Legacy Technology African Financial Services Group

Client Challenge

Following on from an initial piece of work related to Vendor Cost Optimisation, the client needed further alignment with in-scope products to compile a robust execution plan across technology and business functions for the decommissioning of its legacy platforms. ​

The Client also asked TORI to:​

  • Develop a plan for managing the execution of the new business process​​

  • Perform a rapid, targeted, impactful capability diagnostic assessment to include:​​

    • A review of the critical business processes affected by the anticipated decommissioned systems, considering the impact on vendors, service and business processes efficiencies and Governance & People​

    • Producing an execution plan highlighting the interdependencies and new business processes​​

    • Producing a high level business case to support the required investment indicating the benefits of system decommissioning, process optimisation and the impact to the operating model​

What We Did

  • During a 7-week engagement TORI carried out the assessment of the systems, critical business processes, and capacity management highlighting the risks and opportunities​

  • Identified a priority list of key focus areas, incorporating the objectives supported by the business case​

  • Highlighted the gaps relating to the decommissioning plans and ran remediation workshops to progress understanding of the key interdependencies​

  • Updated the baseline costs of decommissioning and provided best estimates of the impact

Outcome & Results

Conducted Steering Group meetings to achieve:​

  • Direction and decisions on impending risks and issues which need to be addressed​
  • Direction and decisions on portfolio risks and issued identified during dependency mapping​
  • Agreement on critical actions needed to maintain momentum​
  • Identification of dependency planning between programmes and the business critical areas to be established​
  • Recommendation of a clearly defined Enterprise Data Strategy, to assist with tactical decision making, with a view to further reducing technical debt

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