Technology Roadmap: Change Governance & Resourcing Global Exchange

Client Challenge

A critical component of the client Business strategy was to diversify their business, streamline and optimise their technology environment and adopt a fit for purpose Change control process which facilitates the introduction and implementation of change with minimal risk to live service​.

The challenge was to adopt the correct governance in terms of change implementation and to provide the relevant resources to design and implement the change. As the level of project work was not consistent with levels commensurate to the resourcing profile in terms of the number of people and skills, implementing change at the required velocity to meet business imperatives presented a much bigger challenge to the organisation.

What We Did

  • TORI were engaged to review the existing change agenda and to recommend a Target Operating model (TOM) to ensure implementation in a timely manner​
  • Review Change prioritisation framework​
  • Change control and implementation governance​
  • As part of the overall programme, we were asked to review all the components of change and in particular the resourcing framework:​
  • Resourcing and resource allocation​
  • Resourcing model and resource procurement​

Outcome & Results

  • In partnership with the client the TORI TEAM had fully analysed and reviewed the current state environment:.
  • AS-IS State relating to the entire Change control process:​
    • Change management​
    • Change implementation​
    • Approval & testing​
    • Resourcing & skilling ​

  • The final report included recommendations for:​
    • The Target state governance​
    • Resourcing and resource procurement models​
    • Resourcing commercial frameworks ​

  • TORI were subsequently engaged to provide resources on an ongoing basis​

  • TORI were selected to be the preferred supplier for IT resourcing​

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