Blockchain-based Green Energy Exchange Platform 

Client Challenge

A distributed electrical energy exchange platform (DApp) connects electricity consumers directly with green energy producers to enable cost-effective, borderless electricity trading.​

What We Did

  • Over two months TORI in conjunction with our partner designed the platform’s architecture and engineered a fully functional prototype of the target platform, implementing both the front-end and the back-end

Frameworks and Tools used:​

  • Java, Spring, Tomcat for the backend​
  • REST/JSON for data communications​
  • PostgresSQL for data management​
  • Metamask and web3.js for integration with Ethereum blockchain​
  • Smart contracts for business logic​
  • Truffle for smart contract development​
  • Angular 4 for web frontend (UI)​

Outcome & Results

  • The platform uses Ethereum blockchain to enable immutable transactions and kWh token ownership
  • Smart contracts are used to describe the business logic related to kWh token manipulation.
  • Metamask Chrome plugin is used to ensure direct user connection to Ethereum blockchain from DApp without any third-party involvement.
  • Planned integration with the largest European electrical energy market
  • Blockchain integration different application behaviour when working in a local environment (testrpc) and global testnet (Ropsten)
  • Extensive functional testing carried out to ensure correct DApp behaviour
  • The Truffle framework did not offer out-of-the-box support for integration with other JavaScript frameworks (solved through custom integration)

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