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Service Management Advisory

Exceed client expectations of service availability and cost of operations.


Firms often have to balance the dual challenge of managing business as usual (BAU) services while delivering continuous service improvement (CSI). Your services are expected to be seamless and streamlined – and there will be little tolerance from customers or regulators if that service is interrupted or fails.

From design to delivery, we can help you to determine your business service management (BSM) strategy and the tools you need to put that strategy into action.

Our Practitioners have honed their expertise through many years’ experience at leading global Financial Services organisations so we understand better than anyone the importance of consistent and reliable process design and orchestration in a highly regulated environment.

Services this covers:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Orchestration
  • Process and Controls
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Improved business intelligence
  • Pre-emptive reporting capability
  • Service management process and tooling architecture
  • Deployment and education
  • Continuous improvement