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Data Management & Governance

Understand the data you hold, how to keep it secure, how to retrieve it in a timely manner and when it can be disposed of.


Information – or data – is the most important asset of any organisation. But poorly managed information can become a liability, creating risk and incurring costs. So it’s more critical than ever to manage all your data safely and effectively. The new legislation around GDPR puts more emphasis on these requirements for personal identifiable information.

We help organisations to understand what data is held, how it should be classified and therefore, how long it should be retained. We tackle the increasing challenges of keeping data secure and being able to retrieve it when required.

Armed for the Information Age

With the exponential growth in data comes increased pressure to manage that information properly. Companies are under greater scrutiny than ever – not only from regulators but also from the public who are more aware of how their information is handled. Working with TORI’s Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) consultants, you’ll be empowered to meet the challenges of this information age. We’ll help you to identify, protect, retain, retrieve and dispose of your information wherever you are in your ILG journey. We understand the full information lifecycle management context and don’t just look at issues in isolation. This holistic approach will prepare your organisation for strategic and pragmatic success. We have deep knowledge of the regulations, available technology and most effective methodologies. We also understand the importance of getting buy-in from all stakeholders and bring a wealth of experience in communications and engagement across your business.

Services this covers:

  • Current state assessment
  • Programme, policy, retention schedule and TOM design
  • Records inventory
  • Unstructured content management and remediation
  • Archiving solutions
  • Thematic reviews