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Cyber Security Advisory

Advisory, implementation, products and operational services to protect you against cyber threats.

Cyber Security is an inescapable challenge for businesses today. We are seeing an increase in the number of detected ransomware cases and new mobile vulnerabilities. On top of that malicious actors are using straightforward approaches such as spear phishing, as well as implementing more sophisticated approaches using anti-evasion techniques to avoid detection. There is also an increased threat from insiders, both accidental and malicious. Being ready to face Cyber Security threats is now the cost of operating successfully in today’s world.

Our goal is to address your broader business and management needs by providing holistic integrated solutions that include the appropriate Cyber Security element. We recognise that each company has a different attitude to risk, has implemented varying levels of Cyber Security controls and is at different places on the Cyber Security maturity curve.

  • Consultancy/Advisory Assessment Services: Many organisations do not have a fully optimised Security Operation. An independent assessment of your security maturity, compliance with standards will help identify the business case to address the gaps to best practice.
  • Application Security Services: 76% of scanned websites have vulnerabilities and, of these, 9% have critical vulnerabilities. We provide training, manual source code reviews, and pen testing to help protect your business applications and infrastructure.
  • Expert Services: We provide a broad range of Cyber Security expertise, including Asset Management, Access Control, Standards/Framework Compliance and Policy and Controls.
  • Implementation: With the huge proliferation of Cyber Security vendors and the lack of Security experts in the marketplace (1.2million shortfall by 2020), firms are increasingly looking for help determining their Cloud Security strategy and the implementation of security products.

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