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Channel Management

Place the customer at the heart of your strategy.


You need to know how your customers and clients interact with your business, anywhere and everywhere, and have a strategy to maximise your impact across relevant channels.

At TORI we help clients to deliver leading-edge solutions that combine their traditional and digital channels into a congruent omnichannel strategy to realise business growth.

We develop a customer-focused channel management strategy supported by the right tools and channels:

  • Mobile
  • Omni-channel
  • Social Media
  • Live Chat and Bots
  • Self service

We work with you to increase revenue through improved channels to market and improve the quality of their customer interactions. We enable our clients to maximise market growth with an omnichannel strategy, underpinned by a fit-for-purpose digital architecture and effective digital marketing.

Services this covers:

  • Digital Experience: Checkpoint, User Experience, Robotics, Testing
  • Digital Marketing: Media Planning and Performance, Social Media and Native, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Video, Mobile and Programmatic