Darren Munsey

Darren Munsey

Senior Consultant


  • Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance


Programme Management

Vendor Management

Data Analytics

DevOps & Agile


Darren is a growth-focused and business-savvy leader with extensive experience in steering, upgrading, and transforming business operations to streamline day-to-day operations.

Solid track record of integrating innovative technology with business development operations. Exceptional track record in launching innovative products and improving ITIL processes to increase efficiency and CSAT. Well-versed in defining strategies, reversing declining performance, process engineering, and improving customer retention by steering crucial service management functions from strategy to operations.

Darren Munsey specialises in

Swirling green letters
Swirling green letters

Digital & Data Transformation

The pace of change in the digital space is accelerating at ever faster rates. Incumbents are finding it demanding to keep up and to innovate with increasing competition emerging from FinTech entrants.
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Various letters behind cascading blue lights

Data Analytics, Visualisation and AI

Analytics is the practice of examining large (and varied) datasets to unlock hidden knowledge and patterns in customer behaviour, market trends, operations, and risks, which can power decisions for growth and improvement.