TORI partners with Fedr8 on its ground breaking application discovery product, Green Rain

TORI Global has joined the Green Rain partner programme with Fedr8, the machine learning application analysis company. The Green Rain solution by Fedr8 automates application discovery, revolutionising how its customers leverage value across their custom application estates. Green Rain ignites transformational change using machine learning to bring a deep understanding of application genetics into the enterprise arena, supporting customers in making decisions at speed, at scale, and with ever-improving efficiency.

TORI has recognised that in order to deliver trusted change programmes at speed and at scale we must look to automation that delivers accurate and complete results on demand. We will now use Green Rain to help deliver the “forensic analysis” that will allow us to address the most complex applications and deliver new outcomes around Platform as a Service, Containers and Cloud Native.

Commenting on the partnership, Derek Ward, Executive VP at Fedr8 said, "Green Rain has only recently been launched and we at Fedr8 are delighted that TORI Global sees immediate value to both new and existing clients. Green Rain’s unique machine learning insights will assist TORI in offering a truly differentiated value-added service. Only when you understand an application can you truly ask any question, and only when you understand an application can you displace the resources and costs associated with making decisions at scale and at pace. Together we will help customers accelerate the performance and value of their custom application estate."