TORI Director, Graham Lancaster, appointed member of Cabinet Office's Small Business Panel

Graham Lancaster, one of our founding Partners and Directors, has been appointed as one of 24 members of the Small Business Panel which operates under the Crown Commercial Service within the Cabinet Office.

The Small Business Panel was established in 2011 to advise the Coalition Government on how to help more small and medium-sized enterprises win public sector contracts. The Government has set a target that 33% of central government spend on goods and services should flow directly or indirectly to SMEs by 2020. The Small Business Panel is now being reconstituted with a range of micro, small and medium-sized business representatives to support this aim and to help Government get best value from small business. The intention is that the panel members will:

  • Help identify remaining barriers to small businesses' success in selling to Government and work with Government to remove them
  • Represent their sectors to identify specific sectoral issues for small businesses
  • Provide feedback on and constructive criticism of existing initiatives
  • Support strategic opportunities for Government to secure better value via small businesses
  • Act where appropriate to communicate the agenda internally and externally with industry bodies and within the field
  • Advise Ministers on Government's engagement with small businesses

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