FDCC European Regional Meeting

Tue 10 Apr 2018
21 Tudor St
United Kingdom

The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC) is holding their inaugural European Regional Conference, “2018 Cross Border EU/US Challenges, Approaches & Resolution Strategies" in London on Tuesday 10th April 2108.

The programme will address cross-border challenges with in-depth discussions planned surrounding data security, privacy and GDPR issues, as well as international arbitration and dispute resolution.

The speakers and panelists will discuss and provide practical advice for many of the most significant challenges that all companies face in this age of big and small data and countervailing privacy concerns, with a particular focus on the implementation of GDPR in the EU. The second half of the programme addresses cross-border dispute resolution. Each portion of the conference will emphasize skills and techniques for managing the differences in disputes and dispute resolution that go beyond the confines of a particular country.  

Chris Renardson, TORI's Head of Managed Services, will be leading a panel discussing Big Data with a focus on GDPR implementation, data privacy and security. 

Nigel Munden, Head of Cyber Security for TORI, will lead the panel exploring cyber liability exposures and risks, including GDPR exposure issues from various perspectives - mitigating risk, insuring risk and managing breaches and claims. 

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