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Posted Wed 7 Jan 2015

TORI has been a leading practitioner of the ITIL framework to improve IT Service Management within financial services organisations for many years. Find out some of the Myths and the Truths about ITIL.


Posted Wed 7 Jan 2015

Twitter is loaded with hashtags similar to #BankingTechnology, #FinancialTechnology and  #FinTech amongst others, indicating a surge in the use and the awareness of new  technology by banks and financial services organisations.


Posted Wed 22 Oct 2014

Data Centre Migration Strategy: As a product, service and business support enabler, data centres provide the backbone for a majority of modern businesses. TORI takes a look at the what, the how and the when


Posted Mon 15 Sep 2014

As the Insurance industry heads into a new frontier of change, incumbents must adapt if they are to survive. TORI takes a look at the issues and areas of opportunity facing insurance companies as they face the digital future


Posted Thu 4 Sep 2014

Focusing technology on clients' needs and value would likely yield significant benefits without costing any more.


Posted Wed 16 Jul 2014

IT services management (ITSM) refers to the implementation and management of quality IT services within an organisation, community or country.


Posted Wed 16 Jul 2014

Organisational change and development refers to the collection of processes followed by organisations with the aim of optimizing their performance and working towards increasing the bottom line.


Posted Fri 27 Jun 2014

The use of technology in banking is changing and becoming more vital, open and all-encompassing


Posted Wed 18 Jun 2014

In today’s complex business environment, both management and leadership attributes are vital for success.