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Posted Mon 13 Feb 2017

Challenges in Financial Crime are felt across the whole industry as statistics show that it costs the world economy $2.1 trillion - add to that Cyber Security breaches and the costs increase significantly.

Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016

Recent issues raised in the media demonstrate how vulnerable Financial Services organisations have become. They're not just vulnerable to security threats and fraud, but to the media itself. There is nothing more satisfying for a newspaper Editor to report the 'scandalous behaviour' of banks that 'allow…

Posted Thu 21 Jul 2016

Our white paper on Zero Outage Protection highlighted the permanence of IT supply chain services in the life-cycle of inbound and outbound services to a customer.

Posted Thu 7 Jul 2016

The NCA stated there were 2.46 million ‘cyber incidents’ last year, including 700,000 frauds, however, the true scale of criminality is likely to be far bigger because of what it calls "a serious problem" of under-reporting.

Posted Wed 8 Jun 2016

The recent CIO Survey 2015, published by Harvey Nash in collaboration with KPMG, highlights concerns raised by CIOs about cyber-attacks.

Posted Thu 2 Jun 2016

Staff remain the weakest link resulting in on-going security incidents or data breaches.

Zero Outrage

Posted Mon 14 Sep 2015

Zero Outage (or Total Reliability) is one of the key target outcomes of IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

FinTech is now a Real Challenge for Regulated Financial Institutions

Posted Tue 4 Aug 2015

Financial Institutions are the most digital businesses in the world. Most of the transaction are purely digital and most of the products are stored and delivered to clients purely in digital format..

The four roles of the CEO

Posted Tue 7 Jul 2015

Most people are thrust into a position of leadership from a high competence in a managerial or functional role. At that stage there is limited support as to how the role has changed and often it has still some managerial and functional components that new leaders often keep hanging on to.

Managing IT Operations in a State of Constant Flux

Posted Tue 16 Jun 2015

Today environmental and business changes, as well as new and emerging technology, evolves faster than a typical, traditional migration programme. The consequence of this is that both migration and operations has to be done simultaneously and CIO/CTOs have to evolve their management to manage operations

Zero Day Vulnerabilities in Email Borne Malware

Posted Thu 30 Apr 2015

Leaving aside the one supply chain component most likely to fail (the human operative), then with some justification, cyber security is the most serious risk to an organisation's mission critical operations. In its authoritative 2014 Internet Threat Security Report, the respected security software vendor

Transform your Enterprise with Mobility

Posted Wed 15 Apr 2015

Currently there are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions globally, and growing. Mobile technology is a booming business and will continue to excel. Dev Patel discusses integrating mobile application development with mobile device management tools.