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Future-Proofed Capability

Align your long-term business objectives with your capabilities, resources and skills requirements to develop an organisational culture that will stand the test of time.

What are the challenges you face?​​

  • What capability do we need now and in the future to support our business objectives and the culture we are striving to create.​
  • What are the skills and behaviours that we will need as we move towards 2025 / 30 and how do we define this in a way that encourages diversity?​
  • How can we build some of these capabilities from within?​
  • What resourcing approaches can we use to pin-point the talent we’re seeking and deploy it effectively?​


How TORI can help…​​

  • By understanding your strategic landscape, cultural ambition and delivery needs, TORI unpacks the capabilities required.​
  • We assess your capability requirements in light of the Future of Work and the skills and behaviours you will need.​
  • Your current skill set and behaviours forms the baseline from which we identify your capability and resourcing plan.​
  • TORI work with you to consider different resourcing approaches that meet the needs of your Target Operating Model, foster required behaviours and attract talent.​​

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