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Strategy & Business Models

A strategy is only as good as the capability to execute it successfully.

What are the challenges you face?​​

  • Is my business model fit for purpose and future-proof, or do I need to be investing in adapting it, or even moving to a new business model?  ​
  • Am I keeping up with my competitors in terms of service/product?  ​
  • What areas of digital should I be focusing on and why? Is it a question of looking at my technology, market attack vector or products/services?  ​
  • What technologies are leading the way in market disruption? ​
  • How do I best balance innovation and agility with being compliant?


How TORI can help…​​

  • In order to help navigate the complex digital landscape, TORI offer comprehensive research for those wishing to explore topics in more detail.​
  • Understanding which areas to focus on by conducting a digital maturity assessment ensuring that you maximise return on investment. ​
  • Ensuring that your business model is customer centric, competitive and will deliver sustainable growth. We consider whether your business model and supporting operations, processes and technology is fit for purpose and perfectly aligned with your business model.  ​

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