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3LOD Effectiveness

Maintain a robust control framework across the Three Lines of Defence.


What are the challenges you face?​​

  • How to I ensure that my 3LOD functions are fully aligned to my business strategy and key risks?​
  • How do I ensure that my 2LOD teams have  the right capabilities and ways of working to meet the changing demands for advice and support?​
  • How do I drive effective engagement between 2LOD and the business? ​
  • How do I create reporting that leads to action and engagement? ​
  • How do I create balanced decision-making but not wield the power of veto?​


How TORI can help…​​

  • We profile 2LOD functions (and their effectiveness) against the core features of an effective function, position this view against the desired target state and support clients to make insight-driven decisions around priority areas for change and optimisation.​
  • We work with clients to design operating models for 2LOD, including mandates and approaches, ways of working and the use of technology, to ensure that compliance functions are aligned and effective.​
  • We work with clients to implement and embed a compliance culture in all parts of the business, with a focus on culture and behaviours​.

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