Business Transformation

How TORI helps clients

We have deep expertise in strategic change, a profound understanding of organisational culture and a track record of success. We will engage meaningfully and intelligently across your organisation, using clear definitions and practical, proven approaches that are firmly rooted in organisational psychology and research. We will work in ways that ensure the deepest levels of engagement and support from people at all levels in your firm.

Reinventing your organisation

When your business needs to transform, we will help you to:

  • Frame your challenges and determine what you need to do to succeed in a disrupted world
  • Formulate your core purpose, values and strategic goals and incorporate them into your vision for the future in a clear, engaging way that takes people with you
  • Translate your vision into your target operating model and a route map for change
  • Support you and your team so that you can lead the transformation effectively

Building a strong culture

Strong values have long been recognised as a source of competitive advantage, and now culture is also high on the regulator’s agenda. Yet so many companies struggle not only to define culture, but also to make any impactful change. We will work with you to:

  • Define values that are authentic, shared and meaningful to everyone in your organisation
  • Set out clearly what living up to your values means in terms of day-to-day behaviour
  • Bring values to life through a comprehensive programme of communication, engagement, behavioural and organisational change
  • Deliver interventions that target specific cultural and behavioural changes, whether these are driven by the regulator, such as SMCR, or by your unique business needs

Breakthrough interventions and events

Whether you need to do something new, do something different, or become unstuck, we can design and deliver a process that helps you to make a breakthrough.

  • Consultation and engagement processes
  • Large scale working conferences, leadership retreats, workshops and events
  • Executive team support and facilitation
  • Working with groups to solve problems and build effective teams

Leadership and organisation development

We are trusted advisers to leaders as they tackle complex ‘people’ issues and change. We help build people and change skills and capabilities among leaders and their teams.

  • 1-1 consulting and practical support to C-level executives in change leadership, communications and engagement
  • Training, toolkits and support for business leaders and change agents
  • Reshaping HR processes to align with strategy and values
  • Leadership and personal development

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