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Third-Party Management

Operational resilience extends to your network of partners and suppliers. Discover how to maximise your outsourcing while maintaining a high level of due diligence and risk management across these key relationships.

What are the challenges you face?​​

  • How to I secure better transparency and control over my third-party costs?​
  • How do we ensure that we conduct the appropriate level of due diligence on our third parties? ​
  • How can we reduce exposure to third-party risk / stay compliant? ​
  • How can we optimise synergies between different third-parties? ​
  • What level of outsourcing / 3rd party usage is appropriate for my business?


How TORI can help…​​

  • In a rapidly changing landscape of suppliers and services, choosing the right suppliers can be difficult. TORI leverages its comprehensive experience to ensure that you procure the right services for your business. ​
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny on the management of third-parties means governance is of paramount importance. TORI helps by implementing a proven model that helps demonstrate effective ‘control over the supplier’. ​
  • Third-party risk is a critical element in third-party management. TORI’s Risk Management Framework and ControlNet tool ensure that you have full transparency and control over your supplier ecosystem. ​

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