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Cyber Security

Advisory, implementation, products and operational services to protect you against cyber threats.

What are the challenges you face?​​

  • What are the attack vectors I am most vulnerable to?​
  • How can I better protect my information assets?​
  • What monitoring mechanisms can I put in place to improve visibility of threats?​
  • How can I reduce my insider threat risk?​
  • How can I better educate my employees on cyber security?​


How TORI can help…​​

  • To ensure that your cyber security ecosystem is sufficient, TORI provides an independent assessment of your security maturity and compliance with standards, to identify possible gaps in your defences.​
  • Application security is a cornerstone of effective cyber security. We provide training, manual source code reviews, and pen testing to help protect your business applications and infrastructure.​
  • With the huge proliferation of Cyber Security vendors and lack of security experts in the marketplace, we can provide help with shaping your Cloud Security strategy and the implementation of security products.​

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