Reducing Complexity, Driving Standardisation & Automation Global Investment Bank

Client Challenge

A Tier 1 global investment bank with clients in over 100 countries and assets of $2.3 trillion, wanted to identify a strategic partner to assist in the delivery of a standardised and highly virtualised technology platform and the operation of its core IT infrastructure services. The client was driven by a need to modernise its data center and application landscape in order to reduce complexity, drive standardisation and automation, reduce time to market, and increase security, stability and control. It was believed that these outcomes would drive efficiencies and considerable cost savings, and all dimensions of the existing operating model – people, assets, supplier contracts and data centres – were placed in scope to achieve those ends.

The knowledge of current operations possessed by the in-house New York based Infrastructure Operations teams were critical to the task of selecting the optimal outsourcing partner. However, their available ‘bandwidth’ to drive such a significant and complex effort was severely limited, and many of the key people were obvious candidates to be in scope for transfer to the outsourcer, creating a clear conflict of interest.

 What We Did

TORI assigned a team to the client with deep experience in both enterprise infrastructure service operations and working with managed service suppliers. This core team of professionals was able to add immediate value, guiding the client through every aspect of the process, including:

  • Developing a detailed set of service, technology and financial requirements
  • Converting those requirements into a commercial Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Issuing an RFP containing those requirements into the managed service supplier marketplace
  • Evaluating, normalising and scoring the RFP supplier responses
  • Down-selecting the supplier candidates to a sole negotiating partner
  • Drafting the Statement of Work and accompanying schedules that make up the contract
  • Supporting in-bound due diligence and discovery and participating in out-bound due diligence
  • The TORI team was limited in size at first, but ultimately grew to participate in virtually all of the work streams necessary to transition operations, assets, people and contracts over to the supplier
  • TORI deployed resources in the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific and the TORI representative would typically stand out as the work stream lead

 Outcome & Results

  • In one of the largest outsourcing deals within the Financial Services sector in recent memory, the client transferred control of operations, along with staff, assets, data centers, and supplier contracts, to the supplier in the first phase of a program well-positioned to deliver on the target financial objectives
  • The chosen supplier was so impressed with the work done by the TORI team during the transition phase that it asked TORI to support its efforts during the follow-on transformation phase
  • The original client retained TORI services for a number of subsequent engagements, including the creation of an operating model and business plan for the residual services retained by the client