Leadership Alignment Strategy For Barbados Based Insurer

Client Challenge

The client had reorganised bringing the Information Security, Physical Security and Business Continuity departments into a single Global Group Security function and they needed help creating a sustainable strategy that galvanised and aligned the new Group Security function and which met the Corporation and Business Units Security requirements and needs.

What We Did

  • Identified the major shifts and changes and aligned a set of priority initiatives
  • Assessed leadership strategy execution capability and the alignment of the operating model to the business ambition
  • Provided industry expertise and specific advice on advancing key strategic initiatives (new market strategy, single view of the customer, change management, process re-engineering, productivity improvement)
  • Worked with leadership to improve the way they operate as a team and lead the business
  • Trained all employees on the new ways of working

Outcome & Results

  • 2018 – 2020 strategy clarified, articulated and translated into an operational framework owned by leadership and agreed upon by the Board
  • Designed and implemented a new customer-oriented organisation structure and operating model with new ways of working and a more dynamic capability to deliver the strategy
  • Established strategy management processes and governance approach to realise the benefits promised by the strategy
  • Creating a cultural shift to working collaboratively as one team, embracing change, engaging all employees in the business success
  • Identifying and implementing performance improvement opportunities

Worked with the leadership team to develop a cause-and-effect model of strategic priorities, and a shared understanding of what it means to implement in a strategy map and balanced scorecard