Customer Onboarding KYC & AML

Client Challenge:​

​A European Tier 2 Bank needed to explore opportunities for improvements to Client Onboarding and associated Due Diligence. The Bank recognised that the processes were sub-optimal and as such had a detrimental impact on customers and cost. The immediate requirement was to optimise processes, reduce costs and significantly improve the Client experience. The Bank also highlighted the need for benefits to be realised in-year, but at the same time the initiatives were required to align directionally with the Bank’s overall strategic intent.

What we did:​

TORI worked with the Client to deliver a Proof-of-Concept (‘PoC’) for the SME segment (SME turnover €2m - €10m).  This focused on customer account on-boarding with the following key deliverables:​

  • End-to-end on-boarding processes (viewed through a customer lens) defined and rationalised, leveraging work already completed by the Bank​
  • Risk appetite challenged to drive further rationalisation opportunities​
  • Opportunities for automation identified and business requirements developed for input to the workflow tool (as recommended by TORI) ​
  • Workflow deployed with minimal overhead on the Bank’s core IT architecture to drive further automation (implementation of robotics to ensure consistent and auditable application of the Bank’s Security Policy as related to Customer Onboarding)


​As part of the PoC TORI identified and demonstrated:​

  • Reduced costs in-year, as well as a roadmap to achieve additional, incremental savings​
  • Reduced time to on-board​
  • Increased Right First Time throughput​
  • Improved Client experience and fulfilment rates​
  • Increased Client advocacy​
  • ‘Light touch’ and speed to market​
  • Via a BPMS, we delivered an end-to-end process ‘lookthrough’, to support customer commitment metrics and KPIs, to drive further service improvement opportunities