Application Migration for Global Financial Services Intermediary

Client challenge

The client is consolidating their DC estate, optimizing their application portfolio and relocating to new facilities and is faced with several challenges that they need assistance with:

  • High volume of concurrent change
  • Asset and Config Management
  • Complex security & firewall rules
  • Key person dependency
  • Capacity for change
  • Absence of decommissioning strategy

While the client has capabilities to do smaller migrations, they are not setup to be scalable and meet the complexity of a large-scale migration effort.

What we did

Assess and optimize the current program structure and delivery model.

  • Ensuring scalable processes

Document current state and produce gap analysis report.

Modeling migration wave options while managing and assessing implications.

Assessing risk and defining mitigation efforts and costs.

Refocusing the efforts of the application and infrastructure teams.

Responsible for managing all pre-planned migrations.

Running the complete Migration Factory:

  • Data testing and validation
  • Go / No-go decisioning
  • User communications

The result

TORI is currently engaged in this project and working to enhance process and manage the program.

In the very early stages and in a short time after commencing the engagement, TORI performed an assessment and identified that the application disposition was incorrect in several cases. 

  • TORI re-classified the disposition and re-focused the priorities and program.
  • Program was put back on track and TORI implemented acceleration.

TORI quickly identified discrepancies in the readiness target platforms and environments and implemented remediation plans.

Produced detailed plan addressing tech debt reduction and implanting cost reductions.

Leading a 3-phase program, TORI is defining the current program model executing the migration to the new DC while prepping for the future transformative phases to follow.