Ra'ed Ayyoub

Chief Advisory Officer (CAO), TORI GCC/MENA

Raed is a seasoned IT and business strategy professional, offering more than 21 years of experience in leveraging technology to drive organisational business growth, performance sustainability, security & profitability.

Ra'ed is a change agent capable of orchestrating transformative business strategy through communication, analysis and technology support. He boasts an impressive track record of delivering successful, high-scale IT-Retail and Supply Chain transformation projects, within timeline and on budget.

He held the position of CIO at SACO for nine years, the leading Saudi Arabian hardware retailing and wholesaling business, overseeing the delivery and implementation of SAP ERP within 14 months across all functions and all departments. He is a skilled communicator and expert presenter, collaborating with different teams to re-engineer the business processes, define and rebuild different business strategies, drive business innovation and identify new opportunities.

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