Paul Greetham

Senior Consultant

Paul is a Senior Practice Manager in the Governance, Risk & Control practice.

Paul Greetham

Paul is an experienced UK executive operating within the Wealth Management, Stockbroking and Pensions sectors for the past 29 years. During this period, he has gained experience and expertise in programme and project management, risk management with an emphasis on identification, documentation, monitoring and reporting tailored for management, and executive and board oversight.

Paul has gained a strong understanding and knowledge of the design and implementation of UK corporate governance that is appropriate to the size and complexity of the business model. Paul led the design, approval and implementation of the Corporate and Risk Frameworks resulting in regulatory authorisation for a firm to take Deposits. Additionally, he has provided direction and challenge in the development of Governance and Risk Frameworks for new bank entrants seeking to obtain regulatory permission.

Paul has held positions from project and programme management, culminating as the CEO for a top 5 Execution Only Stockbroker, where he developed the stakeholder skills required to work within a heavily UK regulated environment.

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