Chris Renardson

Principal Consultant

Chris has over 25 years experience in wholesale, retail and investment banking operations and has worked for both US and European houses at COO level. Key areas of expertise include: current state analysis and operating model design; process re-engineering; implementation of managed services; execution of sourcing strategies; and regulatory impact assessment.

Chris Renardson

Prior to joining TORI Global, Chris worked for KPMG and was responsible for delivering a diverse range of strategic initiatives for clients including Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale and the London Stock Exchange. Chris began his career with Credit Suisse First Boston and went on to hold senior positions with NM Rothschild & Sons Limited, Bank One and ABN Amro, where he was Global Head of Strategy, Change and Business Management for Global Markets Operations. Subsequent to this, he was Global Head for Securities Operations, with responsibility for both the tactical and strategic Change agenda.

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